“I have been referring clients, friends, and associates to Healing for the Nations seminars for over 14 years. In that time, I have seen hurting heated relationships restored and lives transformed by the unique combination of the Holy Spirit guided wisdom and practical counseling skills evident in the seminar. From her own life experience, and through years of association with the Rapha Treatment Center and its principals, the Lord has uniquely gifted and equipped Rujon Morrison to impact lives with the Love and Message of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Joseph A. Kloba

“Since 1993 I have seen God move through Healing for the Nations to change lives, restore families and transform broken individuals into men and women who could once again have a future and a hope. I know of no other ministry that has had a greater and more lasting effect on the lives of God’s people.”

Deborah Rodgers, PhD
New Hope Counseling, Torrington, Wyoming

“God used the retreat to peel away the calloused layers that prohibited any real or intimate relationships with Him or other people. For the first time in 30 years, I felt true forgiveness, love and communion with God. The first thing I did after returning home was to encourage my wife to attend the retreat. My inability to have any true intimacy had left her scarred and hurting. My marriage today is more than I could have ever imagined. I know that the ultimate source of healing and love we have experienced is of God – but it was facilitated through Healing for the Nations.”

Roscoe Smith

“This ministry has given me the knowledge and understanding to truly change my life. For decades I’ve tried many avenues to gain freedom from the bondage of the pain inside. Healing for the Nations is the only avenue that has given me a true sense of freedom and hope.”

Linda Mastaglio

“I am a man with greater freedom of spirit because of your ministry and your devotion to Jesus and His people. Thank you. Thank you for laboring with such compassion for the souls of people. Your ministry inspires me to also be a liberator of men and women who are captives of the enemy.”

Bill Glotzbach

“Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the call to see those with broken lives healed. Since my retreat I have not been the same… the tools I’ve learned have greatly helped me move forward in bringing restoration in my life, my marriage and my relationship with others.”

Olepa Valle