Where are you going?
Head knowledge, heart empty?
Out of balance living?
Destructive behaviors?
Stuck in your growth?
Relationship struggles?

Need help?

The Intensive Retreat
…your next step?


“Our entire pastoral team and their spouses have been through the Intensive Retreat. We wanted to provide our team with the kind of soul care that they need to continue in healthy ministry. We consider this a wise investment for the kingdom of God.”

When a friend tells you something is good and makes a profound difference, you trust them and listen.  Since 1993, one person has shared with another, and The Intensive Retreat has touched thousands of lives as a result.

2018 Retreat Dates

Jan 12-17  |  Feb 16-21
March 16-21  |  Apr 27-May 2
July 6-11
Aug 10-15  |  Sept 14-19
Oct 19-24  |  Nov 30-Dec 5


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