Welcome to our online store. Some of the material found here was originally developed for the alumni of our Healing for the Nations Intensive Retreat.

For your convenience, unless otherwise noted, we offer immediate download of many of the items purchased. This will include the audio as well as printed material that goes along with the teachings.

The lower price listed is the price of the product if it is downloaded. The higher price listed is the price of the item if it is to be shipped. Additionally, There will be a $10 charge for shipping and handling.

If an item is ship only, it is noted.


Purchasing product and downloading means no waiting! Your product is available to you in minutes.

You will receive an email that says, “Your Healing for the Nations order is now complete”. If you don’t see it in your email folder, look in your Trash or Junk folder. It will be sent from “Carpenter’s Path” since we have a Carpenter’s Path website. You will see the purchases to download.

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